Mike Nolan is a fourth generation master-carpenter from County Tipperary, Ireland, who immigrated to San Francisco in 2001 and
founded MN Construction in 2003

He has always been interested in the mechanics of construction and enjoys working with his hands. Mike credits his knowledge of traditional building techniques and commitment to producing the highest quality work to the fact that he comes from a long line of skilled craftsmen.

Mike comes from a family of well-known Hurley Makers (a Hurley is a special bat carved from the roots of the Ash tree used in Hurling, a traditional Gaelic Game has been continuously played in Ireland for over 3,000 years.) “Nolan Hurleys” were famous for the distinctive hand-carved grips that made them uniquely identifiable; in fact, one of the Hurleys make by Mike’s great grandfather Tom Nolan is on permanent display in the National GAA Museum at Croke Park, Dublin.

Mike’s approach to home construction is firmly rooted in the time honored methods passed down from his grandfather to his father Spike, who was not only a skilled artisan but also a professional builder as well as certified electrician and plumber. Mike learned to make Hurleys, furniture, and cabinetry at a young age in the family’s joinery shop. He grew up building houses the “old way” where the builder is responsible for the architecture and design of a structure as well as all the trades involved in its creation. This style of construction is essentially identical to the “design build” approach Mike still employs today.

When Mike arrived in the Bay Area in 2001, he immediately felt at home with the city’s spirit of independence, diversity, and creativity. He found that his unique set of skills filled a niche that was missing in the local market and decided to settle down permanently. Mike lives with his wife, two dogs, and four chickens in San Francisco.

In addition to a strong foundation in carpentry and woodworking, Mike brings a solid background in engineering to his company. He was trained in architectural drawing and structural steel fabrication through FAS trade school in Limerick. He served his professional apprenticeship at Conway Engineering where was employed as a structural steel fabricator and worked on the design and development of specialized factory equipment. He started his own construction business in Ireland shortly thereafter.