About Us

MN Construction is a small family-owned business, so everyone here plays a very dynamic role that extends much further than their job title.


Mike Nolan is the owner and founder of MN Construction and is engaged in every step of the building process, from the office to the jobsite.

Mike is a Fourth Generation Master-Carpenter from County Tipperary, Ireland who is also trained in architectural drawing and structural steel fabrication. He has been working in the building trades since childhood and has shaped his business to uphold the craftsmanship and integrity of the “design-build” techniques learned from his father and grandfather. This represents the “old way” of construction where the builder is not only responsible for the architecture and design but also all of the trades involved.

When he’s not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, watching rugby, and of course cheering on the Warriors at their new stadium.


Maria Nolan is MN Construction’s Office Manager. She is born and raised in the Bay Area and has called San Francisco home for the past 20 years.

Maria has a Master’s in Art Therapy Psychology from Notre Dame de NaMur and began her career as a clinical social worker. Since her marriage to Mike, she has gained a robust knowledge of the design-build process and now focuses her indelible efforts on helping the family business. Maria’s background in art therapy ties into her interest in how design can impact mood and lifestyle, or the “psychology of building.”

When she’s not working, Maria enjoys spending time with her family, painting and other artistic outlets, and thrifting with her friends.


The Carpenter Bee (our symbol/logo): Carpenter Bees are unique for their ability to build nests out of aged wood. Our restoration of “nests” personalized to each client takes the same industriousness, detail, and collaboration that carpenter bees represent in their hive-building process.