Design-Build Process

1- MN Construction meets with the homeowner to determine their needs and get a feel for the proposed construction site.

2- We collaborate on-site with the homeowner to develop their concept into a functional design plan. At this point, we may do some exploratory work to determine structural limitations.

3- We create a set of rough drawings which we then review with the homeowner to finalize the overall design.

4- The size and scope of the project determine whether or not we will need an architect’s services. When necessary, MNC can recommend, contract, and collaborate with an architect to finalize plans. However, in most cases, we can draft the final set of building plans ourselves.

5- MNC takes the plans to an engineer for final revisions. From there, the plans are taken to the city building department for permitting. MNC navigates the complicated permitting process for the homeowner (see testimonials page for customer insights on this issue). Once plans are approved and signed off, construction begins.

6- During the project, MNC collaborates with the homeowner by advising them of all possible options for improvement.