Project Name:

Potrero Hill Home Remodel

Potrero Hill Design-Build Home

This project was undertaken for a homeowner who wanted to convert her recently purchased Victorian duplex back into a single family home as well as to change its cramped, 1950’s-era interior into an open living space that would reflect the design sensibilities of the building’s original historical era. In order to achieve this, MN gutted the building back to its studs and collaborated with the homeowner to design an entirely new floor plan based on her practical needs and personal tastes. Rooms were laid out around a grand central staircase topped by a massive skylight, allowing natural light to filtering through to both floor levels of the home.

Many rooms were designed to accommodate several pieces of heirloom furniture that were particularly special to the homeowner. In order to make the most of the hillside location, retaining walls were constructed to elevate the back-yard and create a terraced outdoor living area with a new deck patio located of the kitchen. Highlights of this 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom remodel include a bathroom sink cabinet built out of an antique chest of drawers, arts and crafts room, spacious laundry/utility area, and custom-built automatic fireplace.