Project Name:

Twin Peaks Guest Suite

Twin Peaks Design-Build Guest Suite

The owners of this mid-century cottage with its sweeping San Francisco views wanted to add more livable space to their home but had limited options for extension given their location on the side of a steep hill. MN Construction was able to create space for a new bedroom and bathroom by excavating several feet back into the hillside to extend the existing basement and crawl spaces areas.

This design-build project seamlessly integrates the natural features of the environment to maximize storage space and create unique architectural features. For example, a natural cavern in the hillside (located just above and behind where new retaining walls were poured) was effectively utilized to create a large horizontal storage area accessible from the elegant cabinet doors that flank either side of the bed. Colorful handmade tiles were used in the bathroom create the illusion of bright and spacious area inside of a small room without windows. The connecting staircase to was also designed with space optimization in mind and was custom-built to hug the natural angle of the sharply-diagonal property line.