Seismic Upgrades in San Francisco

Residential Seismic Upgrade in San Francisco

The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program (MSSP) was created in 2013 as part of San Francisco’s Earthquake Safety Implementation Program. The program requires owners of older, wood-framed, multi-family buildings with a soft-story condition to make seismic upgrades that can ensure structural safety during earthquakes. While certain neighborhoods have more at risk structures, there are buildings across the city that are not foundationally prepared for an earthquake. To learn more about the program and permitting process, click here.

Please be aware that construction on your home may impact your property taxes, but construction with the purpose of seismic strengthening may be eligible for exclusion from reassessment. However, additional work on your home separate from the seismic retrofit may not be exempt. It’s very important to work with your contractor or engineer and track the costs related to your project. For more information on potential tax exclusion, click here.

If you think that your home may need a seismic upgrade but are worried about costs, please spend some time reviewing the financing options available to help with the upgrade process, including a cost passthrough option and public financing option. Click here to learn more about the different financing options available to homeowners.