Home Remodeling
Extensions and Additions
Foundation and Framing
Seismic Upgrade
Structural Renovation


1- MNC conducts an initial on-site visit with plans (usually obtained beforehand) to assess the condition of the proposed construction site. We meet with the homeowner to review their needs around the construction process and discuss a timeline for project execution.

2- Once a basic strategy has been determined, MNC consults with their team of skilled sub-contractors and material suppliers to obtain specific pricing information. We research and plan each job carefully to ensure that we the homeowner is provided with an accurate and detailed price proposal.

3- MNC meets with homeowner and/or design team to review proposal and implement final revision if necessary. Once proposal is accepted, a contract is drafted and signed and work can commence.

4- MNC contacts the architect and or engineer directly to coordinate preliminary inspections, obtains job permits from the Building Department and completes all preliminary notification requirements. We make a special effort to introduce ourselves to the neighbors so that they feel comfortable approaching us directly should any issues arise during the building process.

5- During the project, MNC remains in close communication with the homeowner and their design team. We will meet regularly to review each stage of progress as well as to advise the homeowner of any potential options for improvement and/or savings that arise.


Custom Cabinetry & Storage Solutions
Artisan Quality Finish Carpentry
Fine Finish Work


Custom Cabinetry & Storage Solutions
Artisan Quality Finish Carpentry
Fine Finish Work


1- MNC meets with the homeowner to determine their needs and get a feel for the proposed construction site.

2- We collaborate on-site with the homeowner to develop their concept into a functional design plan. At this point, we may do some exploratory work to determine structural limitations.

3- We create a set of rough drawings which we then review with the homeowner to finalize the overall design.

4- The size and scope of the project will determine whether or not an architect’s services are needed. When necessary, MNC can then recommend, contract, and collaborate an architect to finalize plans. However in most cases, we can draft the final set of building plans ourselves.

5- MNC takes the plans to an engineer for final revisions. From there, the plans are taken to the city building department for permitting. MNC can navigate the complicated permitting process for the homeowner (see reviews page for customer insights on this issue). Once plans are approved and signed off, construction can begin.

6- During the project, MNC continues to collaborate with the homeowner by advising them of all possible options for improvement.