We hired MN Construction for a full historical restoration and partial reonvation after our home was damaged in an electrical fire. I think a few concepts are critical in relation to Mike and Maria and their work:

Craftsman: Mike is a craftsman at heart (by training). It shows in how he works and the people he hires to work with. There’s a commitment to quality; a desire to realize the client’s vision while tempering it with what is practically doable; and a focus on high standards.

Home: when Mike is on your project he sees his job as improving your “home” (the place you live, share with family and friends). He’s not just working on your house, or apartment, or basement, but he’s working to enhance your “home”.

Community: Mike is an active participant in his community and has created his own sub-communities—community in the Irish sense of everyone caring for each other; helping each other out; and wanting everyone to be better off together. Mike has created a number of communities: his own neighbors (whom he willingly helps out if he can); and communities of current and former clients whom he still cares about.

– Tina Carroll and Cathal Connelly, San Francisco, CA

We hired MN Construction to build a small addition to our home and completely remodel our kitchen…

MN Construction was especially helpful during the planning stage of our project. They aided us in making our decisions regarding cabinetry, choice and location of appliances as well as countertop and flooring materials…

Along the way, if Mike found something that should be replaced, he would point it out to us. …He replaced old water lines with new copper lines when everything was open and accessible. By itself, this would have been an expensive retrofit project if done after walls and cabinets had been installed… Mike even went out of his way to save us from having to deal with the city building department. He was able to negotiate with them on various issues that ended up saving us a lot of unnecessary expense.

People who visit, comment on our “dream” kitchen and how it was so nicely done. They especially like the layout and open feeling of the kitchen and dining area. …We will be using MN Construction again in the future and would highly recommend them to everyone.”


We recently completed our master bathroom project. We waited a long time to do it because we knew it was complex…

MN Construction was able to make all the pieces work together beautifully. The final result is something we enjoy everyday! We would recommend them for large or small projects. You get first rate quality and attention to detail. They are true craftsmen.

– Moira O’Neil Marin, CA

…Especially in San Francisco, a general contractor’s skills must exceed matters of construction.

Do not underestimate the value of choosing a general contractor who knows his way around the labyrinthine network of city departments. When after excavation we encountered problems with a neighbor’s non-existent foundation, MN Construction knew what department to contact and what engineer to hire. There was little delay in our project and we still finished on time. All of our building inspections went smoothly. All-in-all, the remarkable thing about this project was that the actual building executed by MN Construction was a breeze compared to the difficult permit process which took almost three years.

…Throughout construction, MN construction maintained a very good relationship with our neighbors, and this is not always the case with contractors.

MN Construction is happy to work with your architect or project manager. However, we decided to forego that expense and worked directly with them. Where drawings were not specific, [they] consulted with us before acting and made many useful recommendations and were always anxious to consider ours. They do prefer that you see exactly what’s going on below the surface before any work is covered up with their meticulously crafted surfaces. Needless to say, highly recommended!

Robert McCaffrey
Glen Park, San Francisco
…MN Construction transformed a 400 square foot space in our 1904 Victorian cottage that was previously used as basement storage into an absolutely gorgeous master bedroom suite, complete with a full bathroom, office nook, walk-in closet with laundry area and staircase connecting to the main floor of the house.

…It was clear from the very beginning that they approach each project with an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and craftsmanship that honors the original style of the home.

As a result, we were able to step back and let MN take the lead on most of the decisions pertaining to overall layout and aesthetic details and this made the entire process as stress-free as a major remodeling project can be.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result which not only functions perfectly for our needs but also now is easily the most beautiful area of our house. (And that is saying a lot, given that the space was literally a basement prior to the remodel!) That said, we would highly recommend MN construction to anyone considering a major remodel.

Eva Wexler-Chung
Potrero Hill, San Francisco

I love my new bathroom. Thank you. It is sleek and racy and works perfectly

… And thank you for Mike Nolan. What a pleasure to work with someone like him. Efficient, on time, answers his phone, smart, listens, actually remembers, and has darling guys working for him. Contractors give me hives, he didn’t, he is that calm and assured.

Toni King
Alabama St, San Francisco